Install psp iso on custom firmware psp

install psp iso on custom firmware psp

install psp iso on custom firmware psp

Once you’ve installed the custom firmware on your PSP now download your desired PSP Game (ISO/CSO). Google is your best friend. If the downloaded PSP game is a compressed .zip or.rar file then make sure to extract iso/cso using WinRAR. Step 3 – Copy ISO / CSO on PSP. Connect your PSP to your computer via data cable. On your PSP, go to Settings > USB Connection. Your PSP memory …

 · The custom firmware you put in your PSP depends on what firmware you currently have installed. To see what you have, go to "Settings» System Settings» System Information". I had version 6.60 (the most recent). After this, plug the PSP into your computer.

 · For PSP's that can not permanently install custom firmware copy the FastRecovery folders to the PSP\Game folder memory card. If you ever power your PSP off simply run this application again to enable custom firmware. The custom firmware will stick until you totally power your PSP off. As mentioned earlier when you normally press the power button the PSP will sleep, to totally power the PSP …

Moreover, after installing the custom firmware you will be able to run modified ISO games on your PSP. You can use it to test a game but we recommend buying an authentic original PSP game if you ...

Custom Firmware are modified original firmware which has homebrew and in some cases iso compatibility so one could play all the cool homebrew games and homebrew application that it’s created for the Playstation homebrew community. Pro CFW 6.60 C2. Below you will find some of the feature that this PSP Custom Firmware known as Pro CFW 6.60 C2 has to offer . Installing a Custom Firmware …

 · Hey Guys! Just a quick tutorial on putting CFW onto your psp 1000, 2000, 3000 :) hope you enjoy the video! please give a like and a comment! cheers guys! CFW...

How to Install Custom Firmware 5.03 GEN-B for ChickHEN. Before you proceed to installing custom firmware 5.03 GEN-C, you need to install ChickHen R2 on your PSP first. Just click the picture on the right to install ChickHen R2 and comeback here to finish the installation. How to Install 5.03 GEN-B. Make sure your PSP has ChickHen R2 installed ...

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